Introduction of Gala dinner

The 49 International Symposium on robotics Gala Dinner will be held in the Yunjin Oriental cruise in July 6, 2017, The Gala dinner will convergence industry experts, create an unique opportunity in order to make an great communication in a relax atmosphere. It will let our guests taste delicious Chinese food while have an opportunity to known industry experts and business partners with amazing night view on the Huangpu River in Shanghai.

At the 2016 China Robot Industry Conference (CRIC) on December 14, 2016, Jong-Oh Park, IFR Executive Board, presented the 49th ISR plaque to Qu Daokui, President of CRIA, indicating that the official organization of the prestigious Symposium will go to mainland China for the first time.

Basic information

1. Date: 19:00-20:30 July 6, 2017 (18:40 boarding)
2. Location: Banquet hall(first floor) Yunjin Oriental cruise. Qinhuangdao Pier 32, Qinhuangdao Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
3. Cruise Name: Yunjin Oriental
4. Number: About 100 people
5. Price: 500 yuan / person
6. Dinner type: Buffet

Dinner contents

1. Welcoming speech
Mr. Song Xiaogang(Executive director and Secretary-general of the China Robot Industry Alliance)
2. IFR representative Speech
The important representative of International Federation of Robotics (IFR);
3. Speech of domestic,international expert representatives and enterprises;
4. Excellent papers award of 49th IFR
5. Transfer ownership of hosting city for 50th IFR
6. Buffet starts, all guests enjoy beautiful view on the Huangpu River in Shanghai;
7.Domestic,international experts and representatives of enterprises communicating with each other

International guests

组织机构 姓名 职称
IFR Mr.Joe Gemma President
IFR Dr.Andreas Bauer Chairman of industry robot suplliers of IFR
IFR Ms. Gudrun Litzenberger Secretary General
VDMA Mr.Patrick Schwarzkopf Managing Director
Yaskawa Junji J. Tsuda IFR EB Member
Comau Arturo Baroncelli IFR EB Member
Kuka Stefan Lampa IFR EB Member
Fanuc Shinsuke Sakakibara IFR EB Member
Fraunhofer IPA Prof. Alexander Verl IFR EB Member
VDMA SHO Mr. Daniel Yoo Chief Representative
RIA Mr. Jeff Burnstein President
JARA Mr. Hiroshi Fujiwara President
KIRIA Mr. J. Kim Robot Industry Promotion Division Director
KAR Mr. Johnny Kim Director General
RRI/MRC Prof. Jong-Oh Park Director
INNOROBO Ms. Catherine Simon Chairman & CEO
NTU Prof. Ren C. Luo Life Distinguished Professor of EE Dept.
TAIROA Ms.Wenchen Chen Secretary General
SkyNet Group Limited
Far East Finance Center HK
Dr. Andrew Goldenberg CTO
Stanford Prof. Oussama Khatib Director of Stanford Robotics Lab
Toyota Research Institute Dr. Gill Pratt CEO
Tohoku University Prof. Kazuhiro Kosuge Department of Bioengineering and Robotics

Shuttle bus

The conference group will provide a shuttle bus for our guests. If you need to take the ride.Please following information below. The ship will leave the dock in 18:50, please make sure arrived Banquet hall(first floor) Yunjin Oriental cruise. Qinhuangdao Pier 32, Qinhuangdao Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai before 18:30, in order to ensure timely boarding.


1. Gathering time: 16:50
2. Departure time:17:00
3. Location:No;10,North gate of parking area, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center
4. Destination:Qinhuangdao Pier 32, Qinhuangdao Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai


1. Gathering time:20:40
2. Departure time:20:50
3. Estimated arrival time:21:50
4. Location:Parking area of Qinhuangdao Pier 32, Qinhuangdao Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
5. Destination:Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao West


If you need more detail of Gala dinner,Please contact: Yin Yue (China Robot Industry Alliance) Phone:13020037410;


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