Symposium Topics

The symposium is based on industrial requirements. Industrial papers related to applications and case studies are welcome. Original contributions on topics related (but not limited) to the following are invited:

Design Methodology

modeling, planning and control
mechanisms and kinematics
calibration and identification
AI and Robotics (learning/ adaptation, reasoning, cloud)

Components & Technologies

sensors (vision / tactile / auditory)
visual servoing and tracking
actuators and controllers
robot end-effectors / robot infrastructure

System Integration

autonomousvehicles (land, sea, and air)
mobile manipulation
collaborative robots / human-robot interaction
Safety issues
benchmarking / experimental practices

Robotics in IntelligentManufacturing

assembly, handling, painting, machining, processing,logisticsetc.
programming and languages
intelligent manufacturing systems
safe human-robot-cooperation / cooperating robots

Robotics in Service

home & office robotics
SR for professional services
rescue / surveillance / security / defence robotics
assistance / rehabilitation / medical robotics
educational and entertainment robotics
exploration / space / aerial / underwater robotics

Robotics in Innovative Applications

food / pharmaceutical / biology robotics
micro / nano robotics
network and ubiquitous robotics
biologically inspired robotics: humanoids / biomimetics/ legged robots
Platforms, Education,Accelerators

standards / testing / assessment

safety /reliability
Financial/ profitability
education/ training


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