The 49th ISR

The International Symposium on Robotics (ISR) is a symposium on industrial and service robotics and is a renowned event sponsored by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). Since 1970, it has been organized at least once a year and recognized as one of the most influential events in robotics worldwide.

At the 2016 IFR – CRIA Roundtable on July 7, Song Xiaogang, Executive President & Secretary of the China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) signed the official Commitment on 2017 ISR with Joe Gemma, President of the International Federation of Robotics.

Congratulations from Joe Gemma (right) to Song Xiaogang

At the 2016 China Robot Industry Conference (CRIC) on December 14, 2016, Jong-Oh Park, IFR Executive Board, presented the 49th ISR plaque to Qu Daokui, President of CRIA, indicating that the official organization of the prestigious Symposium will go to mainland China for the first time.

(the 49th ISR Authorization Ceremony, Mr. Jong-Oh Park (right),Executive Board of IFR and Mr. Qu Daokui, President of CRIA)

ISR represents a meeting point for all technological innovation and industry development trends related to robotics. The purpose of ISR is to provide opportunities for researchers and engineers worldwide to present their pioneering work and to share ideas in the fields of robotics. Each Symposium attracts hundreds of researchers and engineers from across the world to present their papers on the most relevant robotics topics. 50-100 applicants will be chosen by the Committee to deliver their presentations at the Symposium.

China, as the largest robot market in the world, has an unique and distinctive market characteristic in Industrial, services and specialized robots areas. The technology development of Chinese robot industry has been attracting more and more attentions in the world.

In accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of robotics (IFR), The International Symposium on Robotics (ISR) has been planned and organized by the national robot organizations across the United States, Europe or Asia. China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA), as the only identified robot industry organization by IFR in China, has successful bid to host the 49th ISR. Which by bring this historic conference into the China is also the first time ISR hold in the China after nearly 50 years of development.

The conference will strength the China robots in the academic, technical and industrial areas by communicate with the international first-class scholars and enterprises. which will play an important role to accelerate the technologies and market immerging, to exhibit the academic and industry achievements of China robots, to advance China's robot technologies, to enhance the international discourse power of Chinese enterprises, and to promote the development of the industry.

The purpose of the 49th ISR shall be to promote the healthy and sustainable growth of industry, technology and research in the robotics community of China, to provide pioneering technology, industrial trends and company experience with international vision and to strengthen the international influence of Chinese robots

The 49th ISR covers a wide range of topics in industry, technology and research, providing a networking platform for researchers and engineers worldwide to present cutting-edge technology, share the fruits of academia as well as exchange their

- International: ISR is a global platform sponsored by IFR, where you can communicate with researchers and engineers from the USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Italy, China and other countries/regions.

- Professional: the Symposium is focusing on various technical and industrial requirements of industrial, service and special robots. Besides attaching great importance to innovation, the Symposium will also discuss the future of robotics and its priority.

- Cooperation: It is a networking event for the cooperation between industry, government and academia, for the collaboration between Chinese organizations and overseas partners and for the active application of research and technology to industry.


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